Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service

An IT professional has ability to demonstrated the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to create, configure, and manage a cloud application platform using OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat after completing the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service.


  • System administrators or developers who want to demonstrate their OpenShift Enterprise skills.
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrators recommended, or those with equivalent skills.


  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification or equivalent experience
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack certification or equivalent experience
  • Have taken Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210) course


  • Configure and deploy OpenShift Enterprise master hosts
  • Configure and deploy OpenShift node hosts
  • Deploy the OpenShift Enterprise authentication
  • Manage OpenShift Enterprise resources
  • Use OpenShift Enterprise to deploy applications


3days of classroom training

Recommended training: (EX280)

Recommends the following to help you prepare for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service exam: OpenShift Enterprise Administration (DO280)

COURSE CONTENT : EX280 :Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service.

Course Content : EX280 :Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-service

Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise

Review features and architecture of OpenShift Enterprise.

Install OpenShift Enterprise

Install OpenShift Enterprise and configure a master and node.

Execute commands

Execute commands using the command line interface.

Build applications

Create, build, and deploy applications to an OpenShift Enterprise instance.

Persistent storage

Provision persistent storage and use it for the internal registry.

Build applications with source-to-image (S2I)

Create and build applications with S2I and templates.

Manage the system

Use OpenShift Enterprise components to manage deployed applications.

Customize OpenShift Enterprise

Customize resources and processes used by OpenShift Enterprise.

Comprehensive review

Practice and demonstrate knowledge and skills learned in the course.