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Red Hat Linux Training FAQ


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Rostris Infotech Linux Training FAQ


General Questions


1. Does Rostris Infotech guarantee jobs for its student?

Rostris Infotech is excellent in Linux training. We get requests from Companies for Linux administrator, we pass this information to student via mail .We are not involve in Placements. We don’t give any guarantee for job. We are Linux knowledge sharing company.

2. Does Rostris  Infotech provide accommodation for outside students?

Some good hotels /lodge/hostels/PG are tie-up with us. They provide accommodation in reasonable and affordable price.

3. What are the differences between Linux classroom training and online Linux classes?

Whether delivered in a classroom or online class, we offer the same manuals and content for a course. While there is no substitute for an instructor’s ability to directly look over a student’s shoulder, the savings in travel costs and convenience of receiving the same great training content remotely make online Linux classes a feasible and attractive option.

Unless specified otherwise, online Linux classes are typically scheduled for 9pm-1am Indian Time, while Classroom sessions are scheduled for 9am-5pm in local time zones. Online Linux classes typically require students to register 2 weeks before to allow timely delivery of class manuals.

4. Is there a test or will I receive a certificate of completion?

Rostris Infotech does not give examinations in its classes. All students who complete the registration and attended the Linux class will receive a Certificate of Completion Hard copy or via email indicating the course title and dates of attendance.

5. Is lab equipment provided for Linux classroom training?

We provide lab equipment for courses that require lab exercises to be performed on specified hardware.

6. What forms of payment are accepted for registration?

We accept all major credit cards/debit cards/ cheque / cash for payment of registration fees.

7. What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule a class?

Refunds will be issued for cancellation requests received at least 15 days prior to the start date for the class and are subject to a 5% processing fee. Cancellation requests must be emailed to training@Rostris.com with registration ID included.

If you are unable to attend, you can substitute another attendee in lieu of cancellation. To substitute an attendee, you may return to the registration form, login to View or Change Existing Registration, and edit the registration with the new attendee’s information. Utilizing this feature will also allow you to view and print the receipt and confirmation.

Rescheduling may be allowed if request is received more than 15 days before start date of a class. No guarantees can be made as to when the next possible session of a course will be scheduled. Such rescheduling can be done twice without incurring penalties. If rescheduling is requested with less than 15 days before the class starts, the student will be assessed a 50 percent penalty fee. The fee must be paid before the class can be retaken. The same penalty will be assessed if rescheduling is requested more than twice, even if it is done with more than 15 days notice before class. Please see our Linux Terms and condition policy for full details.

8. Do you offer any discounts for multiple students, multiple classes, etc.?

It depends. But time to time we give some discount for more detail discuss with training Counselor.

9. What is the average Linux classroom size?

The exact size of Linux classroom training will depend on classroom facilities and enrollment. Generally, we try to keep the number of students at or below 15 for open enrollment classes to ensure a higher level of student-instructor interaction and to facilitate assistance from instructors during lab exercises.


Online Linux Training Questions


10. What does the online classroom look like?

Learn more about Online Linux Training.

11. What time-zone will the online classes be held in?

All online Linux classes are currently set to begin at 9:00pm Indian Time Zone. This is a time zone that aims to accommodate North American, South American, and European Central time zones. (For Central Europe, it would mean a start time of 4:00pm and end time of midnight. While not ideal, it is bearable for most students.) We can arrange classes during other time zones, including APAC, if sufficient demand is present.

12. What kind of setup do I need to join the online Linux class?

You will need to have a recent Linux distribution installed on your computer, with a broadband Internet connection. You may use any distribution you choose (all of our training is vendor-neutral), but we are able to provide instructions and support for RPM-based systems only (e.g. Red Hat, Fedora, SuSe, CentOS).

13. Can I use a Virtualized Machine instead of a physical one?

For most classes, you may use a virtualized Linux machine running on any operating system as a host. However, due to the multiple choices available both in host operating systems and virtualization methods, we cannot be expected to offer technical support. In particular, some of these operating systems and virtualization products are proprietary and not open source, and we can’t spend time trying to figure out if the problem is in what we are doing or in the underlying infrastructure. For some Linux kernel classes, you may need access to hardware such as USB ports for lab exercises and they may be unavailable or hard to configure in your virtualization methods. While we don’t recommend a virtualized machine, it is possible to do all of our classes using one, as long as you have enough experience and feel confident enough to personally handle any setup, installation, and debugging issues that may develop.

14. What kind of software and hardware do I need to join an online class?

You’ll need a broadband internet connection capable of 1mbps download speed and a normal telephone line you can tie up all day. We will supply all the software you need in advance of the class, and give you detailed instructions upon enrollment.

15. Can I record the class?

No. We do not permit recording and/or reuse of its copyrighted material.

16. What if I cannot connect to the online Linux class?

If there is a problem with the Rostris Infotech connection to the session, we will present a makeup session as soon as possible. If the problem is on your end, of course, we cannot be responsible.